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  • Winning works

    Here we list all 16 winners for three major prizes.

    Most Popular Stories (3 winners)

    1. "Nanjing November" from Mirza Nasir Baig (155 votes)
    2. "My heart My Jiangsu" from Mubeen Hussein Arawker (108 votes)
    3. "My Jiangsu Story" from Teo Parashkevov (87 votes)

    Most Touching Stories (3 winners)

    1. "My Jiangsu Story" from Sharon S.Y. Too Yok (41 votes)
    2. "I grow more mature in Nanjing (我与南京的情缘)" from Cao Quoc Dinh (46 votes)
    3. "Fate with Nanjing (缘在南京)" from Cho Seol (75 votes) 

    Outstanding Stories (10 winners)

    1. "My Story of Jiangsu (我和江苏的故事)" from Jayani Rodrigo (80 votes)
    2. "My Jiangsu Story (我的江苏故事)" from Nyasha Manamike (66 votes)
    3. "My Jiangsu Story (我的江苏故事)" from Jim Kwee Fat Ip Ping Sheong  (64 votes)
    4. "Jiangsu in My Eyes (我眼中的江苏)" from Khurram Hussain Raza (63 votes)
    5. "My Jiangsu Story (我的江苏故事)"  from Ahmed Elhag Saeed Isra (58 votes)
    6. "My Jiangsu Story (我的江苏故事)"  from Suryawati (56 votes)
    7. "My Jiangsu Story (我的江苏故事)"  from Sanzira Nusrat  (55 votes)
    8. "Love with Changzhou (留学江苏初见)" from Kelly Florence (40 votes)
    9. "My Jiangsu Story (我的江苏故事)" from Stanley William Joshua (39 votes)
    10. "My Jiangsu Story (我的江苏故事)" from Kim Hyejin (30 votes)
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  • Entries

    Co-organized by the Jiangsu provincial department of education and China Daily (chinadaily.com.cn), "My Jiangsu Story" campaign invites those who study or live in Jiangsu to tell their own stories here and readers to vote for their favorite ones. The "most popular story prize" will go to the three entries with most votes. Read and put your vote now!

    Sharon S.Y. Too Yok (杜喜云), a Mauritius girl studying in Changzhou University, shares her story of Jiangsu with us.

    My root-seeking journey in Jiangsu

    By Sharon S.Y. Too Yok (杜喜云)

    I have often heard my elders say: "No matter how tall a tree grows, leaves will always fall back to the roots." For me, who grew up in Mauritius, I never quite understood the homesickness Grandfather felt for China...

     Kamohelo Kenneth Mochoari, a South African student studying at Nanjing Agriculture University, shares his story of Jiangsu with us.

    Always home in Jiangsu

    By Kamohelo Kenneth Mochoari

    Bro… when I came here it was in the middle of August and life had just introduced me to Nanking, the former capital city of China, now known as Nanjing. I had never been in a foreign country before and everything was new to me...

    Sanzira Nusrat, a student from Bangladesh studying at Xuzhou Medical College, shares his story of Jiangsu wih us.

    Living in Jiangsu

    By Sanzira Nusrat

    I was excited about my first winter in China for many reasons. The major thing was that I had never seen snow until that instant of my life. I had heard from my friends that the past year it had snowed for a week...

    Mubeen Hussein Arawker, an Indian student at Jiangsu University, shares his story of Jiangsu.

    My Heart My Jiangsu

    By Mubeen Hussein Arawker

    It is all began with an emotional attachment. To live in place, make it your home, friendships, heartbreaks, loving moments, envy, pride, self-esteem, anger, desperation, ego and so on...

    Teo Parashkevov is a Bulgarian student, who now studies at Southeast University in Nanjing.

    My Jiangsu Story

    By Teo Parashkevov

    Following my father's step, I went to studying at Southeast University in Nanjing. Here, I went through hardships, loneliness, friendships, and harvests special attachment with my father...

    Every choice leaves some marks in your life. For Jayani, studying in China makes one of the most important choices for her.

    My Story of Jiangsu

    By Jayani Rodrigo

    Every choice leaves some marks in your life. For me, studying in China makes one of the most important choices...

    Stanley William Joshua (周书亚), an employee working at Yangzhou University, shares the story of Jiangsu with us.

    Adventures in Yangzhou

    By Stanley William Joshua (周书亚)

    After graduating from college I decided to work a year and saved money in an attempt to travel around the world. My original plans did not include a visit to China. However as any seasoned traveler will tell you, plans change...

    Nyasha Manamike, a student studing at Jiangsu University, shares the story of Jiangsu with us.

    My Jiangsu Story

    By Nyasha Manamike

    From the ni hao to the hellos, the bustling of various languages in the picturesque Nanjing Lukou airport leaves  me a real feeling of away-from home...

    CHO SEOL (赵雪), a South Korean student at Nanjing University Of Finance & Economics, tells her destined fate with Nanjing.

    Fate with Nanjing

    By Cho Seol (赵雪)

    Cho Soel shares her story of fateful attachment with kind people and the city of Nanjing.

    CAO QUOC DINH (高国定), a Vietnamese student from Nanjing University of Science and Technology, grows mature from his life in Nanjing.

    I grow more mature in Nanjing

    By Cao Quoc Dinh (高国定)

    The experience of studying and living in Nanjing makes Cao Quoc Dinh  grow more mature and confident.

    Quach Thi, Ngoc Anh(郭氏玉英), a Vietnamese student from Nanjing University of Science and Technology, considers Nanjing as a window to learn Chinese culture.

    Nanjing, a window to learn Chinese culture [In Chinese]

    By Quach Thi, Ngoc Anh

    How time flies. All of a sudden, I've been in Nanjing for two months. On the day I arrived, the color green of this city has touched me deeply...

    金度亨 from South Korea now studies at Nanjing University. Last year, he came to Nanjing with his father. Now he wants to tell why Huai'an becomes an unforgettable place for him.

    Huai'an, an unforgettable city [In Chinese]

    By Kim Dohyung (金度亨)

    The most unforgettable city for me is Huai'an. When I was still serving in army last year, my Mom told me that I would go to study in China this February as Dad would soon work there...

    林爱莲, a Nanjing University student from Thailand, counts Nanjing as an important place for her.

    Nanjing, a key for my life [In Chinese]

    By Chotijariyakul Worakarn (林爱莲)

    Coming to Nanjing University, my dream school, was the first distant trip of my life...

    Ali Qadir (李卡), a Pakistani student from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, shares his stoy with us.

    NUAA-my paradise in China

    By Ali Qadir (李卡)

    My friends used to say "Travelling is one of the factors of life experiences". China, the only foreign country I've been to, is the place where I started towards my dream...

    金炅玉 (Kim Gyong Ock), a South Korean student, develops deep affection of Suzhou.

    Sentiment of Suzhou [In Chinese]

    By Kim Gyong Ock (金炅玉)

    Before coming to Suzhou, I had never imagined I would grow so attached to the city...

    Yamada Kako, a Japanese student studying at Soochow University, is impressed by walking around the city.

    Walking around Suzhou [In Chinese]

    By Yamada Kako (山田佳子)

    I've been to many places in Suzhou since I came here. Every time I walk or cycle around, I can feel the smooth change of seasons and the folk life...

    石雷德/STEIN FREDERICK RUBEN is a German student at Soochow University. He has been many scenic spots in the city, which he wants to share with more people.

    Suzhou, a city of integration [In Chinese]

    By Stein Frederick Ruben (石雷德)

    I came to Suzhou because of deep interest in Chinese culture. Life here leads to me see the integration of history and modern development in the city...

    Njuguna Racheal Waithira (王瑞秋) from Nanjing Xiaozhuang University shares her story of Jiangsu with us.

    My Jiangsu Story

    By Njuguna Racheal Waithira (王瑞秋)

    It was a chilly Wednesday afternoon when I first landed in Guangzhou heading to Nanjing. I had to purchase a ticket at the airport to Nanjing. The struggle was real with the only Chinese I had was from Jackie Chan’s movies "Nihao" and "Xiexie"...

    李圆夏,a South Korean student studying at Yangzhou University, shares her story of Jiangsu with us.

    Experiencing Yangzhou [In Chinese]

    By Lee Wonha (李圆夏)

    Yangzhou is the first place I've been to in China. The good weather, delicious dishes and kind people made me soon adapted to life here...

    Kelly Florence, an Indodisian Chinese student studying at Changzhou Institute of Technology, shares her story of Jiangsu with us.

    Love with Changzhou [In Chinese]

    By Kelly Florence (廖怡娜)

    My family originated in Guangdong province and moved to Indonesia. Since childhood, I often heard parents' talks about China, our distant homeland...

    Suryawati (刘小玲) comes from Indonesia. She now shares her story of Jiangsu with us.

    My Jiangsu Story

    By Suryawati (刘小玲)

    From Jakarta to Zhenjiang, Suryawati experiences China's modern development and cultural life.

    Jim Kwee Fat Ip Ping Sheong (叶贵发), a student from Mauritius studying at Changzhou University, shares his story of Jiangsu with us.

    My Jiangsu Story [In Chinese]

    By Jim Kwee Fat Ip Ping Sheong (叶贵发)

    My story with Jiangsu took place during the best years of my youth. Four years ago, I came to know Jiangsu...

    Khurram Hussain Raza (胡森), a Pakistani student at Nanjing University of Science & Technology, shares his story of Jiangsu with us.

    Jiangsu in my eyes

    By Khurram Hussain Raza (胡森)

    Before exploring Jiangsu, I had a belief that some kind of special destiny was waiting for me.  But after arrival at Nanjing, I realized that the special destiny was exactly to explore this magnificent province....

    Mirza Nasir Baig, a Pakistani student from Nanjing University of Science and Technology, shares his story with us.

    Nanjing November

    By Mirza Nasir Baig

    It was a cold, freezing day of November when I had the first savor of Nanjing's weather. Winter is coming and yet, I do not feel bitter about it...

    Mirzieva Leisan蕾桑(春雨), the Russian girl, tells what happens in her life in Nanjing.

    Life in Nanjing [In Chinese]

    By Mirzieva Leisan (蕾桑)

    I've been quite interested in the city of Nanjing. It reminds me of my hometown, Kazan, which is similarly authentic and beautiful... 

    South Korean student Kim Hyejin (金惠珍) tells one of her 'adventurous' experience in Jiangsu.

    My Jiangsu Story [In Chinese]

    By Kim Hyejin (金惠珍)

    My story of Jiangsu started with an adventurous experience during the Lantern Festival, the first since I came to China. I went with friends to the Confucius Temple for the lantern show...

    Ardi Pulaj from Albania was deeply impressed by his prompt visit to Suzhou with friends. Let's hear his story....

    Suzhou, between ancient history and modern development

    By  Ardi Pulaj

    Gardens, museums and canals are the best features of Suzhou, one of the major cities belonging to China's province of Jiangsu...

    Kana Saegusa, a Japanese student, came to China for the first time in September. She wants to tell her story with two taxi drivers here.

    My story with taxi drivers in Jiangsu [In Chinese]

    By Kana Saegusa

    It's my first time coming to China. Though I haven't stayed in Nanjing for a long time, I've been quite impressed by two taxi drivers here...

    百合, a student from Sudan studying at Yangzhou University, shares the story of Jiangsu with us.

    Life in Yangzhou [In Chinese]

    By Ahmed Elhag Saeed Isra (百合)

    Jiangsu means a lot to me. Before coming here, I spent days imagining what Yangzhou is like, how would my life get started here...

    Adina Bilkis Jahan(陈越), a Bangladeshi student from Nantong University, considers Nantong as her second hometown.

    Nantong, my  second hometown

    By Adina Bilkis Jahan (陈越)

    Deeply attracted by China's culture and history, Adina chose to study in Nantong, which she gradually counts as her second hometown.

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